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About Me


My name is Colin Harris and I am located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. About 4 years ago I had a spiritual awakening leading to immense searching and growth. I am an automotive service technician by trade and this has given me the ability to stay grounded and relatable. Along my path I have been taught many modalities of healing that have become similar to tools in a tool chest. This gives me many sources that I can access to personalize your experience when Spirit calls for it. I have training in Akashic records, Reiki levels 1-3, Universal sphere, Crystal healing, meditation and shamanic healing.  My specialty is healing through the Akashic records. 


A huge part of my life is meditation and I closely follow my Guru Shivkrupanand Swami. More information can on this particular subject can be  found at  Samarpan Meditation.

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